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Earn more money from your mobile readers


Apollo just discovered a powerful new place for ads

Apollo is a mobile display advertising platform that helps publishers monetize from their mobile readers with our stand-alone push notification ad unit.


Helping publishers monetize their content

With publisher earnings getting lower and lower based on clicks and it getting harder and harder to generate content, we built a solution for pubs.

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Earn CPMs

We pay per impression with our ad unit so you can earn every time you get a visitor from a mobile or tablet device.

Delivers only to mobile/tablet readers

Our focus is exclusively on the future of advertising and right now that future and present is all mobile.

Takes no physical space on your site

Because of the drop down and disappear feature, the ad-unit requires no physical pixels on your website.

Incremental earnings

Our provided earnings are on top of your existing ad networks; meaning you can still monetize with Google, Taboola and all other of your networks.

Apollo is essentially a new stream of revenue for us. This was a no-brainer.
— Andrew Kesin, Founder and CEO, Westword

New stream of revenue

As more advertisers are being squeezed out and clicks are going down - Apollo becomes a great additional source to supplement your income.


Built with readers in mind

Our ad unit is user-friendly and reacts to users in a way that is familiar to them, the user has 3 native options when presented an Apollo ad:



open the ad link in a new tab

Swipe up

to instantly remove the promotion


and the ad will vanish in 6-8 seconds


Ad Gallery


Connecting people with quality ads they might enjoy

Apollo works best when spreading new promotions, sales, discounts, special offers to new potential customers.


Featured Company

ValueWalk.com earns over $2,000/mo with Apollo

Valuewalk.com used Apollo to further monetize their website and earned from delivering mobile ads to their readers.


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User Experience

User options when delivered an Apollo ad

Publisher Onboarding

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