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Apollo Mission

With advertising costs skyrocketing, and the proliferation of ad blocking software, it’s harder than ever for you to reach your target customer.

At Apollo, we offer a new way to connect with your customers on their home turf—with an inventive new mobile ad server that puts you in the pockets of your audience…literally.

For us, Apollo is about more than just increasing your reach—it’s also about truly engaging your audience in their favorite channel in a way that feels fresh, yet beautifully familiar.

Our Story

If someone offered you money to place a graphic that was off-putting to the majority of your users on your homepage—would you do it?

Would you do it if doing so limited the viewing of your content to a 1 inch square block?

If asked the question outright—you would think that most publishers would say no, right?  

So, why are we continuing to see an ever-increasing array of  “click-bait” images taking up valuable real estate as the headers and footers of our favorite websites?

How can website owners sit back and watch as their content takes a back seat to what the advertisers want to tell their users, instead of remembering the importance of the content that sent users to them in the first place?

Distracting images aside, banners and other display advertising are outdated holdovers from the days of PC that hamper mobile marketing.

And it’s all because content producers think there isn’t another way.

But, as it happens—there is.

Filled with outrage at this suppression of the mobile landscape, Apollo inventor and Head Developer, David Hogan, created a new way to monetize mobile content which, for the first time, takes into consideration what the ultimate user experience is.

Coming to a mobile device near you - Apollo - an ad that behaves in the exact same way a text notification does.

When any user visits a website that’s part of the Apollo network, Apollo will serve up an ad which appears just above the native content at the top of the device. Users will have the chance to click it, dismiss it, or ignore it.

By offering content that feels truly native to the mobile environment, users will feel at home with what they are consuming.

And it’s a game changer for publishers. They can deliver and get paid for ads that don’t disrupt the flow of browsing or clutter up their carefully crafted homepages.

The beauty of the system lies in the simplicity of installation and tracking. All that publishers need to do is to sign up, install a small code into the header of their websites, then sit back and watch their income rise.

It’s so hard to draw the balance between monetarily rewarding publishers for truly excellent content, and frustrating web users by constantly interrupting their browsing experience.

We truly believe that Apollo sits right in the middle, offering the best of both worlds to both the producers and consumers of content, while enabling advertisers to reach their clients in a new and exciting way.

“We are nothing without a fantastic network of publishers to deliver the advertiser’s content - but as web professionals, we were tired of seeing beautifully designed websites cluttered with banner ads and all manner of display advertising that totally took the users out of the experience the publishers were trying so hard to curate.”

-Nick Moszynski, Apollo’s Executive Director.

Apollo Values

We do digital.

We’re a team that started as a digital marketing and design company. We love helping people and our clients. Our original idea was to get enough smart people together, so that “we could do anything.”

One day, David designed a mobile advertising drop-down. It was genius. We named the platform after his dog, Apollo. Then, we hit the ground running with our platform and are now looking to test our technology and bring partners into this business.

We help your business grow.

We’re not just businesses. We’re partners. When you work with the Apollo Company, we only exist if our advertisers get good value for their investment, and if we can pay our publishers for delivering quality amounts of traffic.

We believe in beautiful UX.

At Apollo, we deal exclusively in the innovative future of mobile advertising and refuse to compromise on user experience.

Security is a big deal to us.

Online security is a huge issue. We don’t believe in selling data leaking information, or anything else skeevy that other advertising networks might do. We protect your information by using advanced technologies and partnering with large, reputable companies around the world. We host everything on our own server farm and have constant backups. Also, everything is encrypted and uses SSL-security. If it can be improved, we’re looking into it.

Apollo is American-made.

By helping business owners across the country, we’re able to reach a much larger amount of the world than we ever could in our hometown of Northampton, MA. In our humble town in Western Massachusetts, we have a very talented development team and are reinventing Silicon Valley in Pioneer Valley.

We want to stimulate the local economy.

By helping our neighbors, friends, and business around the country reach more affordable traffic, we're helping them grow sales, which they can then use to grow their business, hire more employees and reinvest in the infrastructure of the country. Our goal is to help you win.